One Lucky Dog
Hi there! I'm Lindy, and I'm one lucky dog!

I live in a home with wonderful pet parents. They never beat me. I always have plenty to eat, a warm bed, and lots of love.

Yup. I'm most definitely a lucky dog. I've never had to scrounge for food or live in a shelter like some of my friends. When I hear their stories, I just want to curl up in my bed and whimper.

But you know what really makes me whimper? Knowing that dogs aren't the only ones being kicked out of their homes to live on the streets or in shelters.

Did you know that every year in the U.S. an estimated 550,000 kids face the same fate? And they don't even have fur coats! If you count the young adults who are couch-surfing, the number climbs to 2 million.

That's why I teamed up with Daybreak, a nonprofit that helps homeless youth in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio.

Daybreak created Lindy's Bakery so pet parents can buy healthy, delicious treats that are homemade by homeless youth. Working at Lindy's gives these kids an opportunity to develop the skills they need to get and keep good jobs.

It's a cool partnership!

My pet parents provided the capital. Daybreak
provides the supervision. And the kids? The kids are learning valuable work skills so they never have to be homeless again.

I think you'll agree that Lindy's Bakery is a unique business. Good eats for dogs. Warm fuzzies for their humans. And, most important of all, a supportive work environment for homeless youth.

Everybody wins!